Saturday, January 2, 2010

Angel Food Ministries Food review

Just thought I'd let everyone know how my first Angel Food Ministries box went. First off - getting it was nice and simple, the place that we went to was very fast an efficient.

The box was made to feed a family of four for one week (at least for dinners) though you still needed to make some extra sides etc. We are a family of six (though baby boy is still nursing, so it's just me just eating a little extra:) so I did have to adapt some of the meals, and stretch the meat (which is what I usually do to save money anyway) but some required no stretching.

Though I usually strive to make my family homecooked meals the chicken fingers and fish sticks were easy fixes after a TaeKwonDo belt-test and to give to the baby-sitter on our date night when I made my husband take me to see "New Moon".

So over all - our first angel food box was a helpful addition to our meals and food budget. I will be ordering in January as well and keep you updated. In the meantime - you may want to try it for yourself and lower that food budget.

Pics of some of the meals I made here

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