Monday, September 1, 2008

No Time to Cook - Snazzing up a Precooked Meal - Ribs, Fries, & Green Beans

Simple pork ribs already prepared from Aldis (BTW - Aldis doesn't pay me, I just find them really cheap and they have some great buys) just stick in the oven.
Again - frozen seasoned fries just stick in the oven on the crisper tray, the ribs were done first so I took them out, turned the broiler on and crisped up the fries.

I had frozen green beans. So while the ribs and fries cooked I sauted onions and garlic in Smart Balance then added the beans and some squash flowers (from the farmers market) and squeezed some lemon juice over it. Very good, would have been better with fresh green beans but sometimes a mom just doesn't have time.

Not a home made, gourmet meal and not the healthiest but it was quick and easy and tasted good. My boys loved the ribs though my five year old daughter found them hard to chew (she likes meats really soft) but liked to lick the bar-b-que sauce off them.

Followed up with some Farmer's Market water-melon:)

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