Friday, September 5, 2008

My "Eco Challenge" Meal

OK - So technically the "Eco-Challenge" I'm taking doesn't start till tomorrow (which means it's not to late to join up!) but I had some things I needed to use.

I had white eggplant and tomatoes that were ripe in my garden (plus I picked some basil) and in the fridge I had green and red peppers about to spoil plus and opened package of turkey bacon I wanted to cook before it spoiled and diced tomatoes in a container. I already wanted to use sausage so that's how last night's dinner came about.
My garden tomatoes!!! I'm finding I have to eat them before the squirrels do. The other night while were eating, a squirrel sat right outside our kitchen window and chowed down on one of m tomatoes, taunting me.
-bulk Italian sausage
-turkey bacon (bake in oven 400 degrees till crispy and break up)
-little wine (whatever you have, or use stock)
-white eggplant - peeled and chopped
- tomatoes - chopped
- can of diced tomatoes
- red peppers
- green peppers
- couple of spoonfuls of minced garlic (from the jar:)
- whole grain Pasta

While the pasta water boiled I browned the sausage and cooked the bacon in the oven. When the sausage was browned I added a little white wine to get the bits off the pan and then added the eggplant, peppers, garlic and canned diced tomatoes. I added the basil, fresh tomatoes and broken up bacon last because they need less cooking time.
Oh yes - and anything that wasn't used from the veggies was put in compost for next year's garden.


Darius T. Williams said...

Great pic...but you know - eggplant and I don't quite get along - lo.


Robin Shreeves said...

Nice job using up what you've got. I'll have to do something similar with some peppers, zuc, and of course tomatoes. I'm up to my knee caps in tomatoes. It's wonderful!

Robin Shreeves said...

Oh, and hey, i put a link from A Little Greener Every Day to this and borrowed one of your pictures.