Thursday, September 11, 2008

My first try at Catfish! Wow!

Veggies fresh from my garden - tomatoes, Japanese eggplant, poblano peppers, and chili peppers (which didn't make it in this meal)

Chopped them up, covered with olive oil and garlic and roasted at 400 degrees in the oven, so good.

Marinated the catfish in buttermilk and Cajun seasoning (because Emeril said you can marinate any seafood in this) then double dipped (dipped in flower mixture, in buttermilk mixture and back in flower mixture) I added cornmeal and Cajun seasoning to the flower mixture. After they were all coated I fried them up. All of my kids and my hubby (and myself) dug the catfish!

Sides were from Kashi and corn from the Farmer's Market (in addition to the roasted veggies).

Topped the fish with the veggies, so good. Will definitely try again.
By the way - got the catfish at Aldis:)


Darius T. Williams said...

This was your first try at catfish, huh? Well, I eat it all the time - just a bit of cajun seasoning and into a cornmeal batter - that's it...deep fry until golden brown and you're good to go. next time try eating it with some texas pete hot sauce!


Cheap Cookin Mama said...

Thanks for the tip:)