Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Easy Ravioli Vegetable Soup

Got this recipe from "Littlequeen Rules" check her blog for the details. This was a great, easy soup. We all loved it.
Carrots and Onions sauteing

Pureeing 1/2 can of diced tomatoes in my little food processor blender attachment

Broth simmering away. This is the point I love cause the smell drifts through the house.

So easy and good. Littlequeen, thanks for the recipe:)


Chef E said...

I just back into town and catching up on blogs I follow...Man girl this looks good and I am really hungry right now...please send me some ravioli love through the internet!

You are teaching those kids how to eat and cook well...I am sending you some Kudos...

Janine said...

Thanks, my middle child is not always thrilled, but he's learning. He loves to help me cook though:)