Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 Meals for a little Steal

I got these two recipes from Rachel Ray's Meals for a Steal only I didn't find them to be quite a steal, but since it was Christmas week I went for it:) It was very helpful to have just a tiny bit of prep for the second night though.

I made Braised (Chuck) Roast Beef the first night and Beef and Barley Stoup the second night. (Click to see recipes)

Half the veggies (sauteed with pancetta) and the meat were saved for the second meal.

I love this pick right from the oven, the meat which was marinated in red wine and bay leaves gets added to the veggies along with the red wine which added such a nice flavor.

"Smashed" red potatoes with butter, plain yogurt (instead of sour cream) and chives.

I didn't puree the veggies for gravy to keep some substance and also cause I didn't feel like cleaning the blender:)

Night Two -
Sauteed crimini mushrooms in Olive oil and butter, then added the leftover veggies and barley.

Added beef stock and simmered, adding the leftover meat towards the end.

Served with grilled cheese and the kids liked it!


Darius T. Williams said...

I love 2 for 1's - lol - looks great!


Chef E said...

They look like ying and yang to me! Yum now I am hungry for smashed tators...

Chef E said...

I just found your book blog, it is wonderful!

Photonuts said...

I am with E...love those mashed potatoes...stick to the ribs!