Monday, August 18, 2008

Overbudget and Unhealthy, and surprising cheap and AND healthy solution

I haven't posted in while because I've been a busy VBS director. Unfortunatey this resulted in some very unhealthy and not so cheap meals for my family:(

I decided since I had spent so much over budget to bite he bullet and go to ALDI's which I had avoided for it's lack of healthy food in the past, even though it is incredibly cheap.

However, I wound up being very happy with my trip. I passed up all the processed foods, well, maybe the fatty chicken pot pies fell in may cart but that was it! I got all my meats including salmon ( I was surprized by their fish options as well), I even got turkey bacon and ground turkey for a healthy alternative.

Also got affordable veges and fruits (ones I can't just pick from my garden). Very excited to get avacados for $.99 not $1.50 (Their Shoprite price) Avacodos are good source of healthy fats and oils, add them to your salads, tacos (or anything with spanish flavoring) or make guacamole with a little lime juice and salt.

I couldn't get rice or pastas that were whole grain there but a trip to Target will remedy that!

So I was quite happy with my trip to ALDI's, noting they've gotten a lot healthier since my last time there.

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