Monday, August 25, 2008

Garden Fresh and Farmer's Market Dinner - Pasta with Shrimp

Tomatoes and Basil
picked from my garden!

Squash or Zucchini
(what's it's proper name)
from the Farmer's Market

- Store brand whole wheat pasta
- Olive Oil
- anchovies (about half container)
- chopped onion
- a healthy amount of chopped garlic
- zucchini
- red wine
- 1 can store brand tomato sauce
- tomatoes
- basil
- frozen shrimp (from Aldi's)

1. boil and salt water for pasta, cook pasta while sauteing
2. "melt" anchovies in Olive Oil over medium heat
3. add and saute onions and garlic till soft
4. add a bit of red wine to scrape up bits on bottom of pan
5. add and saute zucchini
6. add tomato sauce and tomatoes (put the tomatoes in close to the end so they don't loose their substance
7. add the cooked shrimp and bring them up to temperature and you're ready to serve

TaDa! The finished product.

Everyone seemed to like this dish and my kiddos even ate the shrimp, of course only the required amount but just the same:)

BTW - Our dinners weren't quite so pretty, but they tasted great and it made a tasty and fairly inexpensive meal.

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