Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Kids Ate It

Last night I served up a dish adapted from a recipe from Everyday FOOD. It was basically just chicken, sauteed with asparagus and portobello mushrooms, then mixed with pasta (whole grain).

The recipe called for button mushrooms but I found portabellos at ALDIs and was phsyched to use them. I also added a little white wine for flavor and to get up the bits on the bottom of the pan from sauteeing which added some nice flavor, a little salt and pepper and it was done.

Simple meal that every one of my kids ate, minus the mushrooms, though they each tasted them and my nine year old discovered he liked them. My five year old asked for seconds and my seven year old (the pickiest) cleared his bowl (minus mushrooms) with less complaining then usual and in record time!

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