Thursday, October 23, 2008

Been Baking (and I didn't burn it!!)

Granola Bars (Emeril's Recipe) on the right I substituted Trader Joe's pumpkin granola for the oats for something different. Guess which one disappeared first:)

I've been trying to save by making bread (with the bread machine) and also healthy snacks for the kids because I find these are some of the key things I keep running back to the store from and they keep putting me over budget.

I'm getting closer to making less trips, but until I get that cow in my backyard I will still be going back for things like milk but at least I've cut down some.
Oatmeal bars to replace the endless supply of fruit bars I keep buying. These were technically supposed to have apples but I didn't feel like cutting them so this batch was just plain. These went real fast.

Pumpkin Bread - I cheated and used Trader Joe's boxed mix with Trader Joe's pumpkin butter in place of the oil.
BTW - Did you know you can replace oil in baking recipes with apple sauce?

Bread for sandwiches from the bread machine which is my new money saving toy and it really takes such a short amount of time, it's easy and I can't burn it cause it does itself! :) Plus, I didn't have to spend money since I got my grandmothers that she wasn't using, so it's even better!


Stephanie said...

Those all look great! I love the idea of using oatmeal bars to replace fruit bars as snacks. And making granola bars seems so fun. I also have been (planning to) make bread instead of buying it. We don't buy bread anymore, but I rarely get around to making it, so we hardly ever have regular bread, lol! I need to work on that... My bread machine came from my parents, who never used it. I love free kitchen appliances! :-)

Cooking and the City said...

your baking looks wonderful! I've never had pumpkin bread. love the idea of home made muesli (granola) bars :-)

Dellene B