Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Try a new store

Yesterday my husband and I tried a local Asian food store. It was definately a money saving experience on a few things. Plus my four year old daughter and her friend were thrilled by the tanks that held not only live lobster but live fish! They were not to happy to find out what would happen to them though.

Many things were around the same price range as the name brand grocery stores but I did find some good buys.

1 - Teas - my husband was fasinated by all of the teas and I loved the price. Stocked up on quite a few and I'm making myself a sinus relief one right now. Gotta love Spring allergies.

2 - Supplements - my husband was also in heaven when he discovered affordable supplements (vitamins) that weren't GNC or health food store prices. He's quite the vitamin nut.

3 - Asian spices, sauces, oils, and vinigars - OK, this should have been a no brainer, but I have spent way to much time in my grocery stores searching for a specific sauce or spice for a recipe only to find that it's like $10 for four ounces or something. But of course in the Asian store these are more common items with regular prices. Guess who's going to be searching for more recipes.

4 - Affordable quick potstickers, dumplings and buns - once again, since these are more common they're quite cheap. My kids liked the pork and bamboo stuffed buns and I can't wait to make them the Chinese pizza, since this is their favorite take-out item. My son is also waiting for me to make the seafood dumplings, they look like potstickers, but not I'm sure if they're the same.

I think I'll be back, especially after I look up those recipes.

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CBD said...

I actually went to a Thai restaurant and bought some Thai basil. I used it in one of my recipes and it was awesome! It has a very pungent flavor.

You have some great ideas on here.