Sunday, June 8, 2008

Buy in season and help the farmers

Made my first trip to a local farmer's market yesterday and I loved it. Thank you to my friend who encouraged me to go because I've benn meaning to but the invite spurred me on.

So here's another tip - buy in season fruits and veges to save. Go ahead and find out what's in season and buy those as they will have the lowest prices. Your farmers market may even have a website to tell you what's in season.

Of course, the other reason they're great is because we can support our local economies.

I could tell you a whole lot more about Farmer's Markets, but someone else already did. So check out A Little Greener Everyday for Farmer's Market tips like how to find one near you and how to shop for the lowet prices.

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CBD said...

Love your site!

If you check out Organic Consumers Association they have a list of Organic Farms near you. It's a wonderful resource.