Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tip - Take a stroll down the International Isle

For someone looking to cut grocery costs the international isle is like striking gold! Most stores have one, yet we all just pass by until you have something on your list you've never heard of and the store clerk points you in the right direction, revealing to you a shopping secret, everything is cheaper here!

All the local chain stores by me have them (Acme, Shoprite, Wegmans) and yet I'd never noticed them till last year. As long as you're not stuck on your name brands (there are different name brands here, just not your everyday ones you see on the commercials) you'll do well.

What can you get cheaper in the international isle? How about Olive oil (and other oils but that's what I use) beans, rice, salsas, snacks, cooking wine, rice noodles and spices (much cheaper on spices) for starters. Plus you can expand your horizons a little and try some new foods. Have fun.

So next time you're in your local grocery store, take a stroll down the international isle, explore and save.

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