Monday, June 9, 2008

My kids (and Husband) ate and like fish!

Last night I tried out a recipe from Gourmet Magazine - Fish Tacos.

My nine year old son, who was dreading dinner and swore he was allergic to fish, took his first bite and declared it good. Think I found a winner.

Everyone says how healthy fish is and that we should serve it at least two times a week. Couple problems with that - 1) Getting my family to eat it and 2) the price.

This recipe, at least, helped solve those. There was enough flavor to mask the fish taste (I did however use tilapia because it was cheaper and tastes less fishy). To help with price, the fish is flaked and mixed in, so a little can go a little further to stretch your dollar. I also bought frozen fish to stretch that buck.

Couple of other things I did differently than the recipe called for:
-used whole wheat instead of corn tortillas - healthier
-used ground coriander instead of fresh - cheaper and don't have to worry about it spoiling
-used romaine lettuce instead of watercress - again cheaper
-didn't fry the tortillas - just plain easier
-to cook the fish I actually microwaved it - I sprinkled it with salt and chili powder and covered

Try it out - maybe your family will discover they can eat fish as well and you'll feel good about serving up a delicious, healthy and not so pricey dish.

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