Friday, June 6, 2008

Tip - Hey Turkey - Go Ground

Make your turkey go further by buying it ground. You can get it for around $4 or a whole lot cheaper at discount stores (go Aldis!) and you can even get it cheap in Target's freezer section.

Get the protein rich, healthy and lowfat meat for family favorites like meatballs, hamburgers, or even those easy helper meals. Just don't tell them it's turkey, and don't tell my husband that I use it:) Just kidding, I tell him, after he's eaten it and says he likes it. Something about men and red meat.

We tried Rachels Ray's (no, everything I make is not Rachel Ray, I just happen to like her recipes and they're easy) "Great Goulash," and it went over pretty well. Had to make my picky eat the peppers but he did good.
- Health tips - use whole wheat or whole grain macaronis (Barilla has a protein brand for extra protein) and use low-fat or fat-free sour cream.
- Easy tip - buy chopped garlic in a jar, it's easier, your hands won't smell and it lasts longer. Also - you can use dried parsley and dill, just add it earlier.

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