Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving - please check out this site

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Today I'm grateful for all my new blogger friends. What fun it's been, and I think I've gained a couple pounds from all your posts because they make me hungry:) So I'm also thankful for our new gym!

I'm thankful for FOOD but I am also extremely thankful that we have food and in abundance on this day. I would ask you all to check out

This is an outreach ministry that I am involved in that helps children Kwabeng, Ghana an area that has no aid from governments or other groups but that members of my church have tried to help support.

The site is being updated, Fred (the leader) and his wife grew up in Kwabeng and just visited bringing books, school supplies. sports equipment, a play set and started a bathroom and new classroom building project and running electricity for evening study to a primary school classroom.

For a small church, a lot of progress has been made, imagine if more got involved. Some of these families will not be eating while we feast. Fred shared a testimony of how many of the children he went to school with are not alive, and the ones who are look thirty years older then they are. God has truly blessed so many of us and it's great to bless others.

Please check out the site and please spread the word. Happy Thanksgiving

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