Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Breaking the Habit

In an effort to break our prepackaged foods and snacks habit, and to help the grocery budget, not to mention less trash, I've been attempting to actually bake (although this one was from a box so I don't know if it truly counts, but it's still cheaper than buying:) some healthy snacks for my family. Yesterday I threw these in the oven and the kids and hubby had them as snacks in their lunch today.

I'm still sticking to my bread making and, when I actually make them, everybody eats up the home made granola bars. So we're doing pretty well.

Last week I made pumkin muffins and I added some nuts on top. It was funny because my nine year old was helping pack the lunches and he's asking his younger brother and sister, "with nuts or no nuts?" and I'm thinking, they all had them. Well, here is kindly picking them off for everybody. I guess I'll just keep it simple.

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