Monday, March 2, 2009

Crockpot Sausage Meal

My money savers on this one were sausage, sold on manager's special (that means it's discounted because it needs to sell that day and then can be taken home and frozen, or used right away) and potatoes from produce junction, one bag gave me two large meals (lots of leftovers)

Simple meal to throw in before you go out and leave it to cook in the crockpot. First you brown the sausage (leave it whole or in large pieces which you will cut right before serving) and then stick it in the crockpot with diced tomatoes, the cut up potatoes and whatever spices you like (garlic and basil are winners in this dish).

Before serving remove the sausage and cut them (much easier to cut when fully cooked) add them back in and serve.

Two out of three kids actually asked for seconds and hubby made it the next days lunch.

Part of the $5 dinner challenge, though I don't know the exact cost, math was never a strength of mine:)

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