Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eating really local with a home garden

So I was reading Robin's post about planning her home garden and I have to admit to doing a lot of dreaming about mine as well.

I made some great eggplant and tomato dishes last year and hope to expand my green thumb for more variety this summer.

How about you all, anyone have big (or little) plans for their garden's? I'd love to hear tips and tricks especially from my Jersey girls.

Here's something I just learned, you can plant cabbage in Spring and it's done by June for you to plant something else. Got any good cabbage recipes?

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Lisa said...

My gardening abilities are not so good. I do plant herbs, jalapenos and tomatoes but by the end of summer, my garden looks like a jungle. My sole advice is to plant lasts all year round.
Guess what? I picked up the flat belly diet book today. Let's see if I can follow it:)