Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Help for your holiday and grocery budget

Check out Angel Food Ministries to help your food budget this Holiday season (or any season). There is no income level required, anyone can order, too many of us are effected by todays economy. You can even order food to bless another family this season. There are many sites nationwide. Check out the site to find a pick-up and order location near you.

They have a monthly menu. This month their signature box provides food for one week for a family of four for only $30 (You can order multiple boxes. (Box includes 2 lbs NY Strip Steak, 1.5 lb boneless pork roast, 1 lb chicken breast fajita strips, 1 lb lean ground beef, 1.5 lb all white meat chicken tenders, 1 lb bake or fry fish sticks (32 count), 1 lb hickory smoked center cut ham, 1 lb frozen baby lima beans, 1 lb frozen green beans, 2 lbs frozen french fries, 2 lb bag fresh apples, 10 ct flour tortillas, 2% shelf stable milk, one dozen eggs and a dessert, pretty good for $30!)

They also have a senior/convenience box for $28 which provides prepared meals for seniors or people on the go (this months includes meals like...roasted chicken with red potatoes sugar snap peas and carrots, swedish meatballs with sides, meatloaf with sides etc. check the site for a full listing.)

On the December menu is also an allergen free food box, a 6lb assorted grill meat box, a special 2" 4.5 lb steak combo, a 10 lb IQF assorted poultry box, meat and cheese Christmas gift box, premium fruit and veggie box, and an assorted Christmas fruit box.

Hurry to place your order for December - my local site's orders are due today.

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Chef E said...

What a great thing this is! I have to see if we have anything like this, since we do have one store that delivers further down from where I live...

Food Costs Too Much said...

Oh hey, I just posted a review after getting our first AFM box.


Janine said...

I have found the angel food box to be a great addition to our meals.